Registration for the Pakistan Workshop 2020

Please complete the registration form. Please indicate which nights, if any, you would like to stay in the Rook How. Participants who would like to present a paper, should provide the title and abstract now and a full draft of the paper by 29 May 2020 (maximum 10,000 words).

The Workshop registration fee (£60) includes all tea/coffee and Saturday meals for all participants and breakfasts for those staying at the Rook How. Rook How accommodation is £30/night.

  • For participants staying 2 nights at the Rook How, the total cost will be: £120.
  • For participants staying 1 night at the Rook How, the cost will be: £90.
  • For participants arranging their own accommodation at a nearby B&B, the cost will be: £60.

Please note that if you are not staying in the Rook How, you will need a car to get between the Rook How meeting house and your B&B.

Once you’ve registered your interest in participating in the Workshop, please pay for the Workshop in advance using PayPal.